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"Discover How to Import High Quality Items like Laptops, Mobile phones & Accessories, Shoes, Wears etc..Directly From Manufacturers in China at a Very Ridiculus CHEAP Prices & Resell with Over %900 Profit Here in Nigeria!"

Do you Know you can Easily IMPORT a simple High-On-Demand Item Like USB Charger from these top secret Chinese
Marketplace for N30 Each and Happily Resell in the Nigeria market here for N250/Each?
Imagine if you import a 300 pieces of USB Charger at N30 Each from these top secret chinese marketplace and Resell each Charger
for N250 here in Nigeria..That's a WHOOPING N66,000 Pure profit on a N9000 INVESTMENT Right?

Truth is that, even a University Education is NOT a Guarantee for financial success in Nigeria . These days, there are professionals like Lawyers, Engineers , Civil Servants, Doctors, Traditional Rulers, Pensioners in Network Companies with low income, some without job & still wasting their money looking for a job..

If you you are reading this webpage right now, then you need to thank God for finding yourself here BECAUSE what i'm about to reveal to you here in the next few minutes is going to consistently generate you over N150,000+ monthly income to your Nigeria local bank account..operating from the full comfort of your home, if you take action today. This is one of the best online business opportunities you have been waiting for.

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In this video training program, i will personally show you some top secret chinese marketplace where you can easily buy & import quality High-On-Demand items/goods like: Laptop, Tablet PC, Mobile phones & accessories, shoes & wears at a very ridiculous CHEAP prices and resell them with over %90 profits here in Nigeria.. I will be giving you links to these top secret marketplace like http://www.tmall.com and many others like: www.1688.com | www.world.taobao.com
www.jd.com etc.. and how you can actually buy whatever you want from these Chinese market and also ship them to Nigeria without any custom troubles.

Now pay attention to the information on this website and take action immediately because many have missed some of our promotional offers, don’t miss this opportunity.
The importation business is a VERY BIG BUSINESS SECRET that most Nigerians are yet to take advantage of. Even those who are already into it still lack some basic skills and knowledge on how to run the business successfully. Thousands of people in Nigeria have been into this business for long and if you ask most of them to show you the way, they will keep postponing and some will refuse to teach you, some are even scammers, we have made everything very simple in this video.

How Much Capital Do I Need To Start This Business?

I know some of you think you need to have millions before you can start this lucrative business, but truth is that you don’t need any huge capital to start a mini importation business. You can start with as low as N9,000 and above. So you see? why wasting your time now? One secret about this business you must know is that, you have to understand the business first by getting our Training videos before it’s too late as the price is always not stable despite my promotional offer. We have carefully explained in detail all the secrets you need to know and the steps to take in these practical videos, so even if you are a complete newbie these videos will walk you through(step-by-step). NOTE: You can also, import your goods using bitcoin too. One thing you need to know is that, you do not need to pay anyone to order items for you. All you need do is to understand the process and order items/products yourself at a very cheaper rate without giving anyone money and later you start hearing story he/she SCAMMED me and all sort of stories, please import what you want.

How Do I start Importation Business In Nigeria?

In our comprehensive step-by-step pratical training videos that will guide and walk you through the steps, we have revealed everything you need to know about this lucrative legit online business. Not all business men will show you their source of income, even when you pay for the knowledge, but we will show you all steps that are involved in this business, so get yourself together and get started right away..dont wait till tomorrow!

How Do I get My Goods If I Order Myself?

Your items will arrive Nigeria within 1-2 days, 2-4 days and 7-14 days respectively. A lot of people are wondering whether they will receive their items or not. Please you don’t need to be worried about that because the shipping companies we will introduce you to in the Ebook and videos are with real address(s) in Nigeria. You can contact them and go to their office if you wish and there is nothing like scam as long as you did the right thing while placing your order.


[1] As a student, You will be able to find an alternative way to finance your education without depending fully on your sponsor.
[2] As a corp member, you can start making money without looking for a job after service.
[3] If you are one of the unemployed youths in this country. Then be grateful, because if you make the best use of this information, you may never have to search for jobs anymore!
[4] A full time house wife can also assist her husband financially by selling imported items/goods in the neighborhood.
[5] Those who already have jobs and are looking for means of creating an extra income for themselves, This business is highly suitable for you all.
You can take a look at some of the items that are been imported to Nigeria at a very cheaper rate where you will be making a lot of profit.

These stock shoes you see above cost only N1,280 (One Thousand Two Hundred & Eighty Naira Only) on these top secret chinese websites..not even up to N1,500. But these same shoes are being sold for over N8,000 (Eight Thousand Naira) in Nigeria.. Do you know how much profit you will make while importing & selling such items in Nigeria?
Okay just check these other items.. Take a look at this smart phone USB charger below. You can order this item for just N30 (Thirty Naira Only) from these top secret chinese marketplace i'm about to reveal to you shortly.. Intrestingly, you can happily RESELL these same USB charger for over N250 (Two Hundred and Fifty Naira), here in Nigerian top marketplace like: Jumia, Konga, OLX even in Local shops!

Honestly, i like calculating profit in business so that you won’t regret venturing into it. Now lets do some maths here. Pick up a pen and paper, and join me while i do this calculation right now. For example, you are ordering/importing just 300 pieces of that USB charger for N30, which will now be 300×30=N9,000(i.e your Capital). Then you now resell or supply each of the USB charger for just N200 (200×300=N60,000) You see that you have made a lot of profit there! As soon as you kick-start this business, you will discover so many secrets and be wondering why things are so expensive in Nigeria. All you need do is to start now and stop complaining. CYBER-CASH GLOBAL SERVICES have made everything so simple for you in these comprehensive video training program which we have taken our time to create for you to succeed.
You see all these items below? They are not expensive as you think. All you have to do is to import them in large quantity and resell/supply at a reduced price and make tremendous profits.

In this video training, we are going to show you where and how you can easily search & order High-Quality On-demand goods/products at a very cheap prices, directly from the manufacturer and also step-by-step how you can easily ship your items down to Nigeria within 1-2 days, 2-4days and 7-14days respectively

Are you worried about been an expert before you can start this business? Definitely, NO … Anybody can do this if only you are determine to make money this year. The business is for both old and young, educated and uneducated .. So count yourself very lucky
You can import a lot of goods and make so much profit. As an importer, what is been sold here in Nigeria for N5000, we will reveal the secret to you on how you will get it directly from the whole market between N500 -N1000. You might be thinking about ALIEXPRESS,ALIBABA…… A BIG NO. When you get to know about this secret websites.. You will forget about aliexpress, because comparing this website to aliexpress ,,,, you will make a lot of profit. Take for example.. A pair of shoe from this secret website that we are going to show you, for just N1,200 which is being sold for N10,000-N12,000. So you could see the profit.

Okay! Now lets do some maths. Do you know that power banks for laptops and mobile phones are very cheap to import and sold for a higher price? For example, When you import a power bank for just N600, you can sell it for about N3,500. Now, when you import 50 of this same power bank at the rate of N600=N30,000 and sell each for N3,500=N175,000 your profit will be N145,000. Is that not cool? Let’s Stoppppppp calculating………..

You can start this business with as low as N9,000. If you have made up your mind to start Earning Extra N150,000 – N300,000 plus monthly on part time, you need to do yourself a great favour and contact us before this great offer is closed. Others would charge you a very huge sum of money to reveal this opportunity but we have made it simple

Importation business is obviously one of the most lucrative business in the world. Importation business refers to a business in which you buy goods from abroad at (a very reduced ) wholesale prices and resell it in your locality for good profit. Good money is being made from this evergreen business…

What Can Be Imported and Sold?

The list is unlimited. You can import virtually any good you feel there will be/ there are demand for. The list include but not limited to:

Phones (Blackberry, android phones etc),phone Memory card, Phone accessories (case, porch, ear piece, charger etc), Laptops, (laptop bags, anti-virus, flash drives etc), Smart phones, Bags, Suits, Ladies Sandals, Male Sandals, Hair Clippers, Shoes, Wrist watches, Motor spare parts, Apple products (Like iphone, ipad, ipod, Macbook), Designer T-shirts, Children clothes, Digital Cameras, phone Batteries, Chargers, body creams anything you want…

How to Market/Sell Your Imported Goods or Items

We know what you will be thinking now…… Your thought now is how will you sell your items when they finally arrive….this is not an issue at all…… We are also going to show you how you can sell your item with Jumia, konga, facebook, whatsapp, jiji, olx etc …in which you wouldn’t have to leave your room to advertise your product….. Jumia and Konga will do that and they will only deduct very little amount for their own charges and they will pay directly to your bank account If you loose this great opportunity,, you might not be able to regain it again, therefore I will advice you to act as fast as possible.

How Much Do You Want To Charge Me For This Importation Biz Package?

Truth is that we can easily charge you to pay N20,000 and above for training alone, because what we are about to reveal to you now, is a multi-million Naira business secret.
We do understand that not everybody can afford that, So all you need to pay to get access to this powerful Importation Package (Step-by-step training videos which we have recorded to guide you ) so that you can kickstart your own business right now is just N7,000 promo price and it’s for just few people which means you have to hurry up before the price goes up shortly.

Please understand that the price of this business package will continue to increase once a particular promo is being completed.Before now, the price was not N7,000 but as you can see we just reduced it due to so many phone calls and whatsapp messages which we have been receiving so don’t think that it will be reduced later, rather the price will go higher then you will be regretting and blaming yourself.
Very soon the price will go higher and eventually we will stop selling the package. Everybody wants to make it but only few are making it because they understand how to grab great opportunities like this very one now. For those of you looking for a job, don’t miss this great opportunity, if you do it means you are now the enemy of yourself.

The question is, would you allow just N7,000 to stop you from taking this step to the top?
The choice is now yours whether to remain in one position or move forward financially with this profitable business.

What's the Benefit of Getting This Importation Video Course?

We have carefully explained all the steps you will need to follow in the practical videos which we have recorded for this purpose. That is, how you can order quality items at the cheapest rate in the largest market in the world. The Video will teach you business skills and other necessary ideas you need in this business. You will be added to our private group for importation business students where you will find solution to your challenges if the need arises. So its not like buying a trash that you can just dump somewhere. Nope! These are copy righted materials that were recorded in my office, so the earlier the better for you. Most people call me and ask so many questions with doubts in their heart how they were scammed with some of our fellow Nigerians selling Ebook and all that; We want to assure you that you are now safe and free from such troubles. Because you already have our office address, so if you choose to attend our private class no problem all you need do is to book an appointment.

Are you interested in making money through importation business Starting Today?

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Now, imagine if you order an item for just N60 and sell that same stuff for N600. What if you order just 2000 pieces of that item what would be your profit? You provide the answer! If you fail to call me that you have made payment for the business materials before leaving this website, it means you are the enemy of yourself.


Make a bank deposit/transfer of N7,000 into the account details given below.
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank
Account Number: 0039687060

NOTE: After payment Send us a quick SMS with the word: “CYBER-CASH IMPORT” and your email to +234(0)7038600807, and your Importation Business Package and the materials/instructions will be sent to you via your email address.